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El Tibaracón

Amongst the phonetic peculiarities of the region we encounter the word Tibaracón, which means the existence of a sandbar accumulated by the waves at the mouths of the rivers which arrive at the coast with slow-moving waters.

Baracoa, Tibaracon at the coast.

Their lack of pressure means that the sandbar obliges them to change ourse and follow a route parallel to the coast, until they arrive at a place where the waves have less force. On occasion, a river is obliged to run for a kilometre before finding an area through which it may pass to the sea.

During the rainy season, the rivers swell and the tibaracones are opened by the enormous pressure of river water, a spectacle which all the local people flock to see.

Baracoa, Tibaracon rainy season

Once the rains are over and the waters are clear, the violence of the sea once more accumulates sand bars, the breaches close and the rivers return chastened to their original courses.

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